#SoCalledCures for IBD.

Chronic illnesses do not have a cure, yet this does not stop individuals claiming they know the secret to end your pain.

Following on from @ColitisNinja’s blog on ‘The Dangers of Miracle Cures’, several members of the IBD community on Twitter, including myself, have shared some of our #SoCalledCures. I.e Weird things people have claimed can cure IBD. I thought I’d document some of these in a blog and call out to hear some of the other weird and wonderful things people have been told to do.

People should learn to spell the disease before claiming they can cure it!

Eating Tree Bark?

Makes sense. Aloe Vera Cures EVERYTHING right?

What have you been told to do? Tweet with the hashtag #SoCalledCures and I’ll add it to the list!