Hello from Newcastle-upon-Tyne and welcome to my blog.

I’m Stephen Dryden, I’m 28 and I write about life with Crohn’s Disease. As a Crohn’s patient, you quickly learn that no other patient will have the same experience as you. It’s because of this that I decided to start this blog. I felt it was important to share my own experience in the hope that it can offer some sort of support to at least one person living with IBD. I would also like to promote awareness of IBD and try to remove some of the stigma  associated with it.

As with any Chronic illness I feel it is important to try and not let the illness rule identity and because of this I may also post about some of my other interests that help define who I am, such as rock climbing, slacklining, music, film and books.

Stephen Dryden Slacklining in Gosforth Park